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INVESTOR FACT SHEET OsAdsPro S.R.L. Borges 2802, Olivos Buenos Aires, Argentina www.groovinads.com We Boost Results! Phone Twitter Email 1553119089 @groovinads info@groovinads.com COMPANY DESCRIPTION: GroovinAds is a Dynamic Creative Optimization Services company. Our banners integrate the advertiser's product feed in variable design templates. Our decision engine powers the ad-serving using the most accurate segmentations methods (Contextual, Behavioral, Re-targeting, Geo-Location, and more) and shows the right offer for each user. We boost our advertiser's results. Clicks X6 and Conversions X3 TAGs: Dynamic Creative Optimization | Intelligent Ad-serving | Dynamic Banners | Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) STANDARD BANNERS GROOVINADS BANNERS - Usually marketers create a banner for each segment offered by the advertising network or media. - Personalized: With GroovinAds they just send one tag for each format and our service will display the right offer to each user. - It is impossible to create banners that show all of the advertisers offers with a design team. - Scalable: Our banners can use feeds of millions o products and also use multiple design templates - Advertisers need to find maximize ROI in display advertising campaigns. - Our banners are able to multiply clicks X6 and conversions X3. Multiplying return on investment. - Display campaigns have maintenance problems, design and orthographical errors - Centralized: Our service centralizes banners and their elements. These can be modified through our interface. TARGET CLIENTS: Advertisers: E-commerce, e-tailers, classifieds, real-estate, travel, automotive and discount sites, etc. Agencies with performance advertisers. Publishers and Networks who need to maximize their eCPMs. PAST ACHIEVEMENTS - We are working with some of the most important Advertiser's in the region. - We have our first clients in Brazil. - We have already generated business rulles for Marketplaces, e-Commerce, Automotive, Travel, Real-Estate, Cupons. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Mercadolibre Fravega Mundi DeMotores Despegar Argenprop DeAutos OLX and more... COMPETITORS - Dapper: Bought by Yahoo. US market. - Teracent: Bought by Google. Comparable to one of our services but 30 times more expensive. Still not present in the Latam. Others like Criteo and NextPerformance sell traffic, we optimize the advertisers buying. FINANCIALS Revenues Expenses EBIT 2010 35K 160K 125K 2011 70K 180K 110K 2012 2013 2014 400K 2M 5M 320K 1.2M 2.3M 80K 800K 2.7M Initial Markets: $140M TODAY: We are working with 15 active clients and we have 22 more in the implementations pipeline. We have 45 more in the sales pipeline. THE FOUNDERS Francis Petty José Minich Marcelo Gaio CEO; Past: Online Marketing Manager at DeRemate y LaNación, R&D Manager at LaNación & Dridco Co-CTO; Double Engineer. Past: Project Leader at Boehringer Ingelheim, Founder at OS Consulting Co-CTO, Past: Project Leader at Equifax Veraz. Decision Engine developer, Founder at OS Consulting

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