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H OW W E S EE T H E F U T U R E HOW WE SEE THE FUTURE: In , we began a conversation with all of our stakeholders around our next set of goals for the year . As always, our stakeholders encouraged us to aim for the highest impact. For some, that means revenue; for others, jobs; for still others it came down to equity raised and returns generated by our Endeavor Catalyst Fund; and nearly everyone agreed that we needed to see the continued multiplier eect on the ecosys- tem. We love those BIG BUBBLES! What we have come to realize is that while we will continue to grow on all fronts, we cannot continue our expansion without focusing on our own sustainability. We see ourselves developing into a hybrid model, maintaining our core mis- sion as a non-prot while at the same time reaping some nancial benet from a few of the highest perform- ing companies in our network. Endeavor Catalyst, our unique co-investment fund launched in , is the key to this new reality. Endeavor Catalyst—supported by donors and limited partners, many of whom are global and local board members, as well as our own entre- preneurs—has already made over „ investments and seen two successful exits. We expect that in the next ten years, returns from Endeavor Catalyst will become our single most important source of funding. e move to a hybrid at rst appears to be a distinct new initia- tive. However, it is actually a direct continuation of our core mission of promoting high-impact entrepre- neurship. Endeavor Catalyst is now ranked by entrepreneurs as a key service we provide, right up there with our mentor connections and talent programs. And dozens of our most successful entrepreneurs have joined us as investors. We remain truly of, by and for entrepreneurs. p In research sponsored by Intel Turkey and highlighted in major newspaper Hürriyet, Endeavor Entrepreneur Nevzat Aydın (1) was identified as the top entrepreneurial role model by university students, ahead of Apple's Steve Jobs (2) and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (3). Nevzat, along with co-founder Melih Ödemis (below), sold their food delivery service Yemek- sepeti for $589 million in 2015, marking the biggest deal of its kind to date for a Turkish tech firm. Nevzat and Melih made headlines when they elected to give over $27 million in bonus- es to employees after the sale. 1 5 BIG BUBBLES: 2 3 1

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