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THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT: It sounds like a story unique to Silicon Valley. Scrappy engineers come together to form a company that revolutionizes an industry. Shortly afterward, some employ- ees split o and strike out on their own. Soon, there are a number of related businesses operating in the same area, each one beneting from a web of connections that provide leads to talent and mentors. Some of the earliest pioneers sell their businesses and start to invest in others. An ecosystem is born. At Endeavor, we have learned that ecosystems—driven by entrepreneurs —can emerge virtually anywhere, from Rio de Janeiro to Jakarta; from Cairo to Cape Town. e key to suc- cess is a dedicated group of entrepre- neurs who, beyond scaling their own businesses, commit to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. ey build a dense network that provides inspiration, links between employees, connections to mentors and, eventually, access to capital as the rst generation of entrepreneurs become initial sources of scarce venture capital. A few entrepreneurs play outsize roles in this evolution. Our research team, Endeavor Insight, has charted this phe- nomenon in a series of "bubble maps," tracking emerg- ing ecosystems in cities as diverse as Buenos Aires, Cairo, Istanbul ¦ righ‰§, Medellin and Denver, Colorado. Each time an entrepreneur is cited as an inuencer (whether through inspiration, employment ties, men- toring or investing), their bubble grows. At Endeavor, we build a cul- ture that encourages and accelerates this pattern. Insight research shows that Endeavor Entrepreneurs are „ times more likely to inspire others, times more likely to serve as a mentor and „ times more likely to invest. It has become commonplace for us at Endeavor to say that we love our BIG BUBBLES! Circle size reflects the # of outgoing connections at each company. Mentorship Inspiration Investment Founder Former employees LEGEND: Learn more about the Multiplier Effect on p. 28 12 EN D E AVO R I M PAC T R EP O RT 20 1 5 –1 6 SAATINIYARAT.COM BOTEGO DAKICK.COM INCIR BÜROTEKNIK ARTRANDS BIONLUK.COM BOTICCA BRANDSGALAXY CLOAKROOM COPYPANTHERS DOKTORBURADA DOKTORSAATI DUELLO GAMES FIT&COLOR ITRAVEL IVORY HOUSE KUPON SIMDI DIJITAL LESARA MASKPRODUCTION INTERNET SOLUTIONS MEKAN.IO MOVIELALA NETRO MOBIL SORUSORSANA.COM VAKITNAKIT PRISYNC VITRIN.NET

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