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A S I M PL E PR E M I S E A SIMPLE PREMISE: Of, By, and For Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs are at the center of everything we do at Endeavor. All of our programs are based on entrepre- neur needs, and we ask entrepreneurs to rank what works and what doesn't. When an idea or service works in one location, we extend it across our net- work. And when we learn that some- thing is no longer useful, we move on to something new. We welcome partnerships—and have developed many path-breaking alliances with corporations, foundations, govern- ments and universities—but only if partners put entrepreneurs' needs rst. Most importantly, we have a commitment to asking our entrepre- neurs to reinvest and pay it forward: Serving as mentors to—and investors in—the next generation, becoming panelists in Endeavor's selection process, and increasingly taking lead- ership positions on our local boards. EY Vantage q …' Ÿan‰age —d†isors spend si¡ –ee"s on ‰he ground –i‰h …ndea†or en‰repreneurs, le†eraging ‰heir proˆessional e¡per‰ise as high-perˆorming emploŠees a‰ …' ‰o suppor‰ consul‰ing projec‰s. Žhe —d†isors help ‰he en‰repreneurs' companies e†alua‰e ‰ech- nologŠ solu‰ions, impro†e ˆinancial repor‰ing, ini‰ia‰e organiža‰ional impro†emen‰ ini‰ia- ‰i†es and much more. Belo– are a ˆe– oˆ ‰he en‰repreneurs –ho recei†ed an —d†isor in ‰he ˆall oˆ „01£. Entrepreneur Connections: Greece's FrezyDerm Visits Jordan's API, MonoJo and Pharmacy 1 q Demons‰ra‰ing ‰he reach oˆ …ndea†- or's global ne‰–or", 'reece's ¤režŠDerm, ˆounded bŠ 'iannis —nas‰asiou, †isi‰ed —mman ‰o mee‰ –i‰h local …ndea†or …n- ‰repreneurs and e¡plore oppor‰uni‰ies ˆor e¡pansion in ‰he region. …ndea†or helped 'iannis arrange mee‰ings –i‰h Jordani- an en‰repreneurs also in ‰he pharma and cosme‰ologŠ space—including —PI, Mono- Jo ¦ t leˆ‰§ and PharmacŠ 1—‰o ul‰ima‰elŠ le†erage each o‰her's indus‰rŠ e¡per‰ise. le†erage each o‰her's indus‰rŠ e¡per‰ise. DANIEL ESPINOSA Me¡ico AR ABNET ¨ebanon ENOX ON - LIFE Bražil TRIPSTA 'reece 9

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